Afrikan Traditions and The Community

While manifesting her dream as an entrepreneur, Shamika Webb is currently employed with the City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety.  She recently retired from the United States Air Force as an Equal Opportunity Advisor with the Nevada Air National Guard.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and holds an associate’s degree in Business Management, as well as, Transportation.  

Shamika Webb offers an array of services and products at AfriKan Traditions, from knowledge of the imported handcrafted art from Africa, to coordinating and promoting intellectual debates, seminars, and open forums to address social, political and economic issues in the Black community.

Mrs. Webb specializes in helping educate the youth to aspire greatness, as well as, honor the sacrifices made on behalf of all Africans by current living legends and the ancient ancestors of old from the diaspora and abroad.

After a successful career in the military, she continues to implement discipline as she strategically plans and promotes various ethnic events that unite melanated people in the community.   She says, her ultimate goal is to remain persistent in the approach of mentoring the youth.

She is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada and  stranger to the pressing issues currently causing the dis-ease in the Black community. Shamika she says,

“I inner-stand the pain that impact the hearts and minds of the people who witness the demonstrations of police brutality, gentrification, and the scarcity of vital resources that adversely impact our existence; food, clothing and shelter. My goal is to empower and enlighten our future leaders so that they may join us in our quest for a more positive change.”